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Stripes and Tie Sleeves Posted on 3 Apr 09:55 , 34 comments

Stripes and Tie Sleeves

The Blue and White Trend Posted on 2 Mar 18:04 , 8 comments

The Blue and White Trend

Blogger Feature: More Pieces of Me with Carylee Posted on 13 May 06:00 , 38 comments

Blogger Feature: More Pieces of Me with Carylee

carylee, more pieces of me, cs gems tribal silver vintage necklace, tcl boutique

Blogger Feature: Getting to Know Jenna Marie Posted on 11 May 09:46 , 18 comments

Blogger Feature: Jenna Marie

Statement Necklaces and Spring Prints! Posted on 2 May 22:30 , 15 comments

Find out 3 ways to pair statement necklaces with our favorite spring prints.

Tribal Vibes Posted on 1 Apr 05:00 , 185 comments

Tribal Vibes!

Mikarose Chloe Shift Dress Posted on 18 Mar 08:19 , 74 comments

The Mikarose Chloe Shift Dress