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Since we (C and S), are in our thirties we are constantly hearing (and sometimes asking) about what we should or shouldn't be wearing.
Well, when you reach a certain age you really start noticing that the mainstream media loves telling you what to do.

 Every year in August, Vogue magazine publishes "The Age Issue" which has style guidelines that every woman should wear at a certain age.

vogue the age issue cs gems

Just search Google for “what not to wear after age ___” and you are bombarded with age-shaming articles that tell you you're too old for certain styles.

Here’s the real deal with aging: If you are lucky enough, it happens to everyone.

What you may have told yourself you would never wear past a certain age is going to change completely when you reach that age. It seems like not that long ago we thought 30 was sooo old.

Umm, yeah, not so much...

We are big advocates of age-appropriate dressing, but these kind of blanket "guidelines" are too much. Everyone is different and we all need to embrace the clothing that make us feel good about ourselves.

Age-appropriate dressing is more about personal style, confidence, and context than the do's and dont's. 

Here are 2 styles that have definitely fallen in the "am I too old to wear that?" category.

And here is our answer: NO.

The cold-shoulder and off-the-shoulder trends:

 cs gems cold shoulder and off the shoulder tops over 30

OMG, we are showing our SHOULDERS?!?

cs gems cold shoulder trend over 30
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cs gems off-the-shoulder trend over 30

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Why haven't these myths about what you can and supposedly can't wear at "X" age not been abolished yet? Just because we've hit a certain age doesn't mean we can't fly with the times. Wearing the same look over and over as the decades pass is just way too dull.

 We all need to start appreciating how beautiful and stylish we can become as we age.

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