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We are super excited to share our recent collaboration with the gorgeous Carylee of the More Pieces of Me blog!  When it comes to fashion advice and inspiration, she's our go-to gal!

We are so lucky because after following her on Instagram (here) for a long time we actually met her in person at St. Louis Fashion Week last year and found out that she lives in the very next town to us! Crazy!

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Let's get to know Carylee:

Tell us a little about how More Pieces of Me got started?

It's kind of funny because I feel like it was an evolving process. First, I joined this style and beauty board online forum where we would share our daily outfits every morning (and talk about shopping and all things style and beauty related.) But I really enjoyed photographing and sharing my outfits every day - it helped me see trends in what I wore, and it also made me feel accountable for everything I left the house in, knowing that I would be sharing the photo at some point. Eventually, I decided to start a simple online catalog of those outfit selfies. I still use it today - it's my Tumblr here, that I called "Pieces of Me." Eventually, I started to get the urge to post more than just a single photo, and to actual take photos with a proper camera. That's when More Pieces of Me was born. The title of my blog is really just a spin off of my original Tumblr account.

Describe for us your personal style?

On my blog in my "about me" section, I describe myself as feminine, bold, classic, glam. Feminine because I love all things girly --- bows, sparkle, sometimes things a bit cutesy. Bold because I'm not afraid of color or pattern, or pairing things in unsuspecting ways. Classic because I think a good wardrobe needs a good set of basics -- both in terms of silhouettes as well as pieces that will last season after season. And glam because I am not afraid to rock the fiercest of heels. 

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What has been your favorite experience with More Pieces of Me?

 St. Louis Fashion Week last October was such a fun experience - especially being surrounded by such a great and supporting community. The inspiration from all of the events exceeded my expectations. Aside from that, I am so grateful that this blog has brought people into my life who I otherwise never would have met. Gina (On the Daily Express) and I happened to connect because of our addiction to shopping at Express, and now she's one of my closest friends! When we finally got to meet in real life - it was very exciting and gratifying!

What is the best advice that you received regarding starting your blog?

Blogging can be very discouraging, especially when you start to compare yourself to the success of others. Rachelle (Pinksole) once said that you shouldn't focus on the negativity. Why worry about that when you have such a big support group of people who lift you up? I think about that often -- don't work so hard trying to please your non-supporters or worry about the people who aren't following you or reading your blog. Why not put all that energy towards giving back to the ones that already love you and continuing to build upon those relationships?

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What are your three must have pieces for spring?

This is hard! I would have to say white pumps (seen here) - I am obsessed with them right now, and they make any outfit instantly feel like spring. A light washed chambray (seen here) is also a must for me right now! And my blush pants (seen here​) - I love creating neutral palettes with them!


Thank you for letting us see a little "more pieces of you", Carylee!

P.S...y'all HAVE to check out Carylee's CLOSET ROOM here!

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