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How difficult is it in today's market to find modest clothing that is super fashionable and stylish?
Pretty darn difficult.

Lucky for us there is a company out there that has taken this frustrating dilemma and provides an extensive line of elegant, modest clothing without sacrificing style…and all without breaking the bank!

Mikarose Boutique is their name, and demure fashion is what they are all about.

When we were approached by Mikarose to style one of their gorgeous dresses, we jumped at the chance because we had been following their Instagram feed for awhile and were big fans. You should follow them too at @mikaroseclothing.

The Mikarose Chloe Shift Dress

cs gems mikarose chloe shift dress vintage jewelry

Let's just say that this dress is SERIOUSLY fabulous.

Perfect for church on Sunday morning or a fun girl's night out, or even a hot date night, this dress covers it all.

Here we have added some serious sparkle with our CS Gems original rhinestone collar necklace.

cs gems rhinestone collar statement necklace mikarose chloe dress

Extremely soft to the touch, this 100% polyester beauty is fully lined, which not only makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, but there is never a worry that any part is see-through, even with it being white.
(By the way, this dress also comes in navy!) The bubble print is super fun, and the long sleeves along with the classic a-line skirt gives it a bit of a vintage feel…which of course we adore!


Styles that have passed the tests of time have been the ones that were modest and elegant, so this dress will never go out of style.

The belt is nice and thick (2.25" wide) which is great for pulling the dress in around a nice portion of the waist for a more fitted look.

cs gems mikarose chloe dress

One of our favorite parts? HELLO, POCKETS! 

cs gems rhinestone collar statement necklace mikarose chloe dress

For a different look we decided to double up the vintage! We have added 2 of our longer vintage pendant necklaces. Our gold toned Sarah Coventry tassel necklace is available here. The faux pearl strand with rhinestone pendant tassel will be available in our next Facebook Snap Sale (which you can learn more about here…trust us, you don't wanna miss it!)

cs gems vintage jewelry pendant tassel necklace, mikarose chloe shift dress

cs gems vintage jewelry pendant tassel necklace, mikarose chloe shift dress

Do yourself a favor and head over to www.mikarose.com and take a look all the sophisticated and chic clothing they carry. You won't be disappointed. Right now they have their SPRING SALE going on, and yes, this Chloe dress is on sale too! Regularly $59.99, on sale for $47.99 and worth every penny!

Thanks for stopping by!

Note: CS Gems was gifted this dress from Mikarose in return for a review. All views expressed in this post are our own. All photos were taken by and are property of CS Gems.