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Pattern mixing has been a trend for a while, and though it isn’t always easy to pull off, it’s definitely worth a try!  Not only is this trend a great way to create more variety in your wardrobe, but it gives more individuality to each outfit.

It just happens to be one of our favorite ways to style an outfit.

Like this floral top #fabfind from Marshall's that we paired with this polka dot jacket from Renuar!

cs gems tassel necklace cs gems multi-chain necklace renuar jacket marshalls floral top          
cs gems tassel necklace cs gems multi-chain necklace renuar jacket marshalls floral top

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For some reason, many people feel like they can't pull off mixing patterns, but we are here to tell you, don't be scurred! ;)

Almost anything goes these days and you don't have to be Lady Gaga or Katy Perry to pull off a more daring look!

You really can't go wrong if you keep in mind some easy tips:

Treat stripes and polka dots as neutrals.
Stripes and dots (especially black and white) are the easiest patterns to pair.

They really do almost go with everything!

cs gems statement necklace, target vest, old navy flannel

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Size matters.

No, really. Be sure to pair your larger, bold prints with a smaller, less dominate print. Two bold prints of the same size could give your outfit an overwhelming appearance and could be unpleasing to the eye. 


Textured fabrics (like leather or silk) definitely act as a print. Two pieces of clothing made with the same pattern but of different fabrics can look very different. 

Keep it in the family.
Different patterns can play well together when you stay in the same tone family. It's fairly straightforward...pastels with pastels, jewel tones with jewel tones, neutrals with neutrals, etc...
CS Gems vintage tassel necklace, kohls blazer and top

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Dare to be different! What's so great about being normal anyway?